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The Capital of Croatia

The elegant and spirited Croatian capital Zagreb is becoming one of the most popular European city-break destinations. Through an eclectic mix of the Central European and Mediterranean lifestyles, Zagreb pairs well the Austro-Hungarian tradition and warm Southern flavor. Whether for a weekend or a longer stay, Zagreb will charm visitors with its natural allure, exceptional heritage and assertive presence of the art scene dedicated to street art, as well.
Thanks to its human size, Zagreb can be seen as a getaway, a city-break of charm and escape. Its many green spaces invite you to have a good time, to recharge your batteries and to share strong moments with family or lovers. Everywhere you look, nature has a place here and so do you.
Divided into the Upper and Lower Town and connected by one of the shortest funicular railways in the world (it is only 66 meters long!), Zagreb holds appeal to lovers of art, history, heritage, architecture, music and theatre. But, there is a new, edgier side to the city which is attracting visitors interested in the shopping, eating, drinking and live music scene. In recent years, funky boutique hotels, cool city apartments, wine bars and eclectic eateries have opened not to mention the museums of Broken relationships and Illusion which are famous throughout the world.
The Lower Town was laid out in a grid system in the 19th century and is home to most of the museums, the National Theatre, the University, and the stunning Art Pavilion. Leafy boulevards and green spaces make this area a stroller’s delight. Good shopping is just a few steps away where local boutiques blend with larger stores selling international brands. It is also home to the Cathedral and the wonderful Dolac Market recognizable from the swathe of scarlet umbrellas. This is where locals, celebrity chefs and visitors in search of picnic ingredients select fresh produce including Zagreb specialties.
Zagreb has been a cultural center of the country since the Middle Ages. Thanks to its classical cultural heritage, but also to its modern artistic life which pulsates the city – Zagreb is becoming a true gem of street art. The vivid colors of the works of urban artists punctuate the stroll from one neighborhood to another, from one atmosphere to another.
Sometimes serious, sometimes fun, sometimes unusual, this perfect size metropolis provides a real choice of things to do and see. With its cultural mix, stunning architecture, an incredible number of green spaces, world class museums, a restaurant and bar scene for all budgets and a wide range of accommodation choices, Zagreb is a city that reaches out and grabs you to its heart with something for everyone. The journey through Zagreb is always captivating, but the biggest value of this city is its atmosphere and the people who never allow you to feel alone. Zagreb has a story to tell and it has a heart, a big one!
Tomislav Tomašević
Mayor of the City of Zagreb
(Croatia 2023)

How would you spend two days in Zagreb if you were a tourist in Zagreb?

On my first day in Zagreb, I would start the morning by running in Maksimir Park, which is a picturesque and historic park that also houses the popular Zagreb Zoo. In the afternoon, I would explore the natural beauty of Medvednica, a mountainous nature park that is actually part of the city. I would hike uphill and take a cable car down to experience the stunning views. As a tourist, I usually follow a jam-packed schedule, covering 20-24 kilometers a day by walking or running, preferably during early mornings on a weekend when the city is still waking up, offering a unique experience to observe its pulse.
In the evening, I would be spoiled for choices with Zagreb’s diverse range of restaurants, from street food to fine dining options. However, I find it best to just wander around and soak in the city’s laid-back vibe by meeting new people in bars and cafes. Zagreb’s friendly and easygoing locals make this an enjoyable experience, and it’s refreshing to let the evening unfold spontaneously.
On my second day, I would explore the city’s museums, which include city-owned as well as smaller, private museums with creative exhibits. I would also visit the nearby lakes, Bundek Lake and Jarun Lake, which offer recreational activities and scenic walks. Additionally, I would take a stroll along the banks of the Sava River, which we are working to transform into a recreational green belt with bike and running paths on both sides. It’s a rare sight to see a green belt around a river flowing through the center of a city, and we aim to protect and improve its usage as a recreational area. I think that would be my ideal two days.