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Vatel International Business School
Hotel & Tourism Management

Vatel is a globally recognized leader in hospitality and tourism management education. Founded
in France over four decades ago, Vatel now boasts over 50 campuses across 30 countries, serving
over 9,000 students worldwide. Its unique apprenticeship model, emphasising hands-on learning
through practical internships in renowned hotels, has earned Vatel a reputation for producing
highly skilled and adaptable professionals.
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Mr. Al Khalifa, the General Director of Vatel Hospitality and Tourism Business School Bahrain, highlighted the school’s commitment to providing aspiring hospitality managers with a comprehensive and practical education. He emphasised the importance of Vatel’s global network of industry partners, which allows students to gain valuable international experience through internships and study abroad opportunities.
Vatel’s focus on fostering international perspectives is evident in its internship program, which encourages students to venture beyond Bahrain to gain global exposure. Mr. Al Khalifa shared that students have successfully secured internships in renowned hospitality destinations such as Mauritius, Maldives, Zanzibar, France, and Scotland
Vatel’s commitment to providing students with a well-rounded education extends beyond the classroom. The school actively engages with industry leaders, hosting guest speakers, organising workshops, and arranging site visits covering hospitality, cultural and tourism aspects .Furthermore, Vatel Bahrain offers its students the opportunity to engage in world-class events as part of its practical practice such as the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix , the Bahrain international Airshow and Jewellery Arabia This collaborative approach ensures that Vatel graduates are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the hospitality industry.
In conclusion, Vatel Hospitality and Tourism Business School Bahrain stands as a beacon of excellence in hospitality education. Its unique apprenticeship model, global network of partners, and focus on preparing students for managerial roles have earned Vatel a reputation for producing highly sought-after professionals in the ever-evolving hospitality industry.
The Kingdom of Bahrain boasts a rich multicultural tapestry, scoring first place in the Arab world on the World Happiness Index 2022, first globally in the Expat Essential Index (measures the ease of setting up daily lifestyle services when settling abroad), and in the Low Language Barriers. Additionally, the cost of living is quite reasonable for students.
Bahrain is actively pursuing economic diversification as part of its Economic Vision 2030. For centuries, various
activities have been undertaken to harness Bahrain’s economic, resource, and tourism potential. The Kingdom’s
infrastructure in general and capabilities of tourism in Bahrain are constantly improving, contributing to the
country’s tourism growth. These efforts align with the nationalisation of resources and roles within the sector,
commonly referred to as “Bahrainization.” This initiative aims to increase the number of Bahraini nationals
employed in the hospitality industry, given its significance as a front-facing sector that interacts directly with
guests and visitors. Finally, Vatel’s involvement stems from its global reputation for excellence and quality.

Vatel has won many local and international awards