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Start in Malta

Do you have a startup? You have seen the Malta lifestyle, now discover what Malta can offer your
business. At Start in Malta we offer support every step of the way from seed funding to grants,
from premises to mentorship, we want to nurture the best start-ups from around the world and
invite them to build and share their success in Malta.

Business is Booming..

Our economy is one of the strongest in the Eurozone – as one of its smallest countries we certainly pack a punch. Building on already firm foundations
including tourism, iGaming, manufacturing and financial services, Malta’s economy is diversifying into AI, Big Data, IoT, and DLTs, niche sectors in which Malta
could position itself as a world leader. The aviation industry is taking off; apart from the established MRO and engineering niches, the UAV industry is also shaping into a new exciting sector.

Malta is also targeting the budding Medical Cannabis sector while its sunny climate has also cemented itself as a favourite for the now expanding digital games and digital creativity markets.

Work hard, Play Hard

Recreational activities are always close at hand in Malta; the nightlife scene is strong, the sea is never far from sight, cafes and eateries dot the island. Cinemas, theatres, fitness clubs are to be found with ease. Culture seekers can expect frequent art, and culture, festivals, and will be drawn into the atmosphere surrounding many feasts celebrating patron saints, a tradition inherited from the Knights. The high-street shops, and local markets, will satisfy diehard shopaholics. ​
Malta is safe and family-centric, good news for expats relocating to Malta along with their family. The island has attracted an ever-expanding expat community; 25% of Malta’s workforce consists of expats. It is very easy to integrate due to the sheer volume of expats, plus, the number relocating to Malta, all-year-round, should make you feel right at home. Various expat groups have been formed on social media, with the aim of helping, and connecting, fellow expats.