Julia, aka Travelbubi, made the scariest decision to travel solo through Europe, with her 50-year-old self-restored Mercedes L206D camper (called Bubi), only two years ago. She never planned on being a content creator but throughout her video diaries she shared on her first 6 months solo trip to Portugal, her passion to capture real, emotional moments led to a wonderful community of like-minded people worldwide.

She takes her community along the highs and lows of her life to encourage especially women to give travelling alone a try, even while being in a relationship. Going on girls trips with friends or even complete strangers is also part of her lifestyle. When she’s not in her van, she’s challenging herself to go on 12 solo dates in 12 months to get out of her comfort zone and to grow while she’s home. From going to a concert to skydiving, this year will be a crazy ride.
Back home in Austria with her partner Tobias, they are building their own sustainable 20sqm hemp tiny house and taking their followers along on the journey.


Her goal is to encourage people all over the world to step out of their comfort zones because that’s where you feel alive the most.