Nelly’s Life

“Born in Bosnia, raised in Austria and polished internationally – Nelly lives life unapologetically and shares her travel and life experiences to her world wide audience of over half million followers with good vibes and a strong sense of love for life.
She shares her cultural discoveries and culinary adventures on all her Socials and developed a strong passion for exploration and storytelling. Nelly explored over 40 countries but there was only one country that captured her heart where she felt at home and the happiest and eventually she decided to make it her home base: the Philippines.
Her YouTube channel “Nellyslife” has become the heart and soul of her personal journey and Nelly has established herself as a female solo traveller and in the past year. She set all her focus on empowering others, especially women, to live their best life, get out of their comfort zone and find joy in everyday life.”