The Vlogfest

Evan Edinger

Evan Edinger is a YouTuber, content creator, and online storyteller. He was an early adopter of YouTube as a platform and as an American living in the UK he strikes the balance between cultural niche and entertainment through his relevant, funny and relatable content. His educational yet simultaneously comedic stance enables Evan to have a unique positioning allowing him to develop a loyal audience.


Alongside this Evan has a real love for travel and photography. As a keen explorer, Evan shares his travels with his following whilst offering tips, hints, and advice on must-sees in each location he visits, documenting this on his second YouTube channel and Instagram.


Looking to the future, Evan is eager to share his passion for world culture through his travel and photography, even learning some new languages. His established position within the YouTube community has given Evan a strong understanding of the kind of content audiences want to see.