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Neatly nestled on the northern part of Pag Island, Novalja embodies the best bits of
Croatia. Sleepy sunlit squares meet breath-taking beaches by day, and as the sun goes
down, the town springs to life at night.

Once solely a sleepy fishing port, over the past few years Novalja has become renowned for its vibrant nightlife. Buzzing bars spilling over with music, souped-up superclubs with world-class DJs, first-class summer festivals and more await just a short drive from the town at Zrče Beach. In Novalja itself, you’ll find a range of waterfront bars serving cocktails while you people-watch the evening away.

Away from the bustling nightlife, you can enjoy local viticulture. Croatia is a wine lover’s paradise so be sure to tap into this at a cellar, winery, or simply over a long meal on a balmy night. Pairing these top-class wines with Pag cheeses, ham, and olives, you will be in heaven.

To the north and south of Novalja, you can find your perfect beach, ranging from soft and sandy to shingle and rocks all lapped up by the azure blue Adriatic Sea. For watersports, there are adrenaline-pumping activities from kayaking and scuba diving to jet-skiing and sailing. Whatever your pace, make the beach your prerogative.


If you’d prefer something a little more low-key than the bright lights of Zrče Beach, Caska is just a stone’s throw away but provides a more suitable option for family holidays. For crystalline water in close proximity to Novalja town, Beach Riva is your best bet. Meanwhile, where secluded sunbathing is top priority, head to the aptly named Private Beach.

Life on Mars

One of the most beautiful trails in Croatia “Life on Mars” was officially opened in 2019 for all visitors all year round. Follow the trails which lead through Metajna in Novalja to experience an unforgettable spiritual journey and discover the most beautiful beaches of the island of Pag. Trekking League in cooperation with Continental and the Novalja Tourist Board has marked 4 trekking trails with a total length of 16 km. The cosmic beauty of Ručica, Beritnica, Slana and Seline beaches will take your breath away.

Olive Gardens of Lun