Creating the video that will most inspire visitors to come to the Maltese Islands…


Each of our vloggers will be let loose on Malta for 5 days. They are free to experience the country in the manner that they choose, whether it be slow or fast, under the sea or up in the clouds.

They will film their travels and after the 5 days will edit and cut the footage down to a maximum of 5 minutes. On deadline day, the videos on the voting page will go live, allowing viewers from across the globe to discover the destination and subsequently vote on the video that makes them want to visit NOW!

Malta over recent years has emerged as one of the hottest spots in the Mediterranean and we don’t just mean the weather. The islands boast a fascinating cultural heritage and history spanning back to the pre Phoenician era. Architecture, sea, sun, food, festivities and the people make Malta a complete and wonderful place to visit all year round. But don’t take our word for it, check out the vlogs and see for yourself.