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The Kingdom of Bahrain is an archipelago of 50 natural and 33 artificial islands on the Persian Gulf. It exudes splendour in its architecture, rich history, diverse culture and natural beauty. This Middle Eastern gem is coming to its own in terms of tourism and is a rising star in the Arabian Gulf, welcoming up to 1 million tourists per month.
Bahrain is understated and unpretentious, with a rich deep history that reflects in its historic architecture, set against forward thinking skyscrapers which are testament to the country’s oil wealth and modern- thinking mindset.
Surrounded by azure waters where Bahrainis traditionally hunted pearls, modern day Bahrain offers a tourism over and under the water through diving, sailing, watersports and exploring of its pearling roots and on land, ancient ruins and forts, a multicultural cuisine influence through the ages by different civilisations and modern day expats and modern day malls, traditional souks and attractions such as water parks and nature reserves.
Bahrain is a destination for all ages and pockets, offering budget hotels, luxury resorts, family hotels, even desert camping with prices of food and drink more affordable than those of its busier, more ‘touristy’ neighbours.

Her Excellency Fatima bint Jaafar Al Sairafi Minister of Tourism to the
Kingdom of Bahrain,Chairman of Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions
Authority (BTEA)

Bahrain Provides A Wealth Of Tourism Opportunities. What Is Your Expected Footfall For The 2023 Tourism Season? Which Destinations Of Bahrain Are The Most Attractive For Tourists?
Response: Bahrain As A Destination Has Been Increasingly Growing In Popularity Among Tourists In Recent Years. With The Current Growth Seen In Inbound Tourism, We Are Very Positive That The Footfall For 2023 Will Be Very Promising.
It Is The Pearl Of The Middle East And Is Quickly Becoming One Of The Most Sought-After Leisure Destinations In The Region. Each Region Has Something Alluring To Different Types Of Travelers. The Destination Is An Idyllic Location For Millennial Travelers, Solo/Women Travelers, Senior Citizens, Honeymooners, Couples, And Families. With Its Year-Round Sunshine, Stunning Beaches, Rich Cultural Heritage, And Thriving Culinary Scene, The Island Offers An Unforgettable Experience For Travelers Seeking A Unique Vacation Experience.